Santa Irene Coffee Plantation has a unique combination

Santa Irene
Coffee Plantation

Our coffee plantation is surrounded by mountains and nature that enhances the ecological biodiversity in flora and fauna

Pelibuey sheep clean the natural weeds in the rainforest plantation of Santa Irene Coffee.

From its planting to the cup of coffee, the entire process involves both hand labor and technological advances. Cut and selected by hand depending on the cherry red maturity.

Santa Irene Coffee

Has unique characteristics of intense acidity and red apple; aroma: intense fruity, caramel, chocolate; body: complete and creamy; taste: persistent; flavor: caramel and sweet berries, chocolate, dry fruits and honey.

Santa Irene Coffee has been awarded as Best Cup from Rainforest Coban since 2017 by Anacafé

May 8, 2014

Plant and harvest

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May 7, 2014

Process it

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May 6, 2014

Enjoy the coffee

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